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We’re delighted to announce that Katherine Fan has rejoined Hughes-Castell as Managing Director. Katherine first joined Hughes-Castell in 2010 and rejoined after working as Head of Legal Talent and Recruitment of a US law firm and setting up the recruitment function for another global law firm. In a welcome back interview with the Hughes-Castell team, Katherine shares her career development, most memorable placements and moments at Hughes-Castell.

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Q: Interview question; KF: Katherine Fan

Q: Why Hughes-Castell?

KF: Hughes-Castell is a leading recruitment brand with 30 years in the region. I think that already speaks for itself. It’s a fantastic platform for me to continue building my business.

KF: Hughes-Castell is like home to me. I joined earlier in my career and I’ve come back in a new more senior position and I feel I can truly develop my leadership skills and long term recruitment business here.

KF: The culture here is a very good personality fit for me and I know I ‘ve already worked with a lot of the consultants and other administrative staff here. So, to me it was a no-brainer.

Q: Why did you leave in 2012?

KF: I could see myself doing this for a very very long time, so I decided I step out…learn different skills to make myself a better leader and make myself a better recruiter.

Q: What you love about recruitment?

KF: What I love about recruitment are the relationships that I’ve built along the way with clients and with candidates. There was this candidate that I placed in 2012. She was actually one of my last placements before I left Hughes-Castell to join a US law firm and she’s still at the place that I placed her at and recently she actually wrote in and asked if I was still at Hughes-Castell and this was only on my, I think, maybe a day before I returned. So timing-wise it was perfect! And I caught up with her for lunch recently. She shared with me her stories over the last 7 years. I shared with her my growths as well and it’s just amazing these relationships, I can see are, you know, will last a long time.

Q: Memorable moments at Hughes-Castell?

KF: Are the holiday parties! Each year around holiday season in December Doreen, my co-Managing Director, will arrange amazing Christmas parties and Christmas dinner for the team for the office and she will wrap these amazing gifts for us. I remember the first time I attended in 2010. I was absolutely blown away at the efforts she would put in and the trinkets that she would attach to the wrappings. It was amazing!

KF: Oh one thing! And if you plan to join the team. “Learn your reindeers’ names because we do play games at the Christmas party and I remember one question that she always asked is for us to go through the 12 reindeers’ names. Tips for you all.

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