Consultant Spotlight: Sharon Siu

Sharon is a Senior Consultant based in Hughes-Castell’s Hong Kong headquarters. Prior to joining Hughes-Castell, she led the In-house corporate and private practice recruitment at a global recruitment firm. Before joining legal recruitment in 2017, Sharon practised as a Barrister in Hong Kong. In this feature, Sharon shares her thoughts on the recruitment industry and gives us a peek into her daily life.


What do you enjoy about legal recruitment?

Some may think recruitment is very transactional – you get a job mandate and you send CVs out. In reality, it is much more than this. Recruitment is, or should be, very “human”, for our work revolves around a very important aspect of people’s lives that is their career. Indeed, we spend most of our waking hours in developing our career. This “human” element of recruitment is what I like most. I enjoy building relationships with the people I meet, and these relationships are most solid when I get to know them, not just as candidates and clients but as friends. It gives me joy when people I know through my recruitment work come to me for a chat; it could be about job opportunities and career advice, or very often, just to hear my thoughts and share theirs when they encounter a situation in their personal lives. I cherish these connections very much. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that the people you work with trust you on a personal level. And it is certainly an honour to gain fellow lawyers’ trust! I am very grateful!

What has been your first impression of Hughes-Castell since joining?

I am very impressed by the Hughes-Castell team’s work ethics. The recruitment market is no doubt very competitive and there are always stories that recruiters resort to sharp practice just to get a deal closed. However, Hughes-Castell’s team always put candidates’ interests first. We always give honest and constructive advice to our candidates. We do not speak to people or send CVs out just to fulfill KPIs. While many recruiters in the market will say that they put candidates’ interests first, I think we at Hughes-Castell are truly honouring these words.

What you do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like reading, a lot. I am geeky – I like reading about the WWII and black holes (yes, event horizon and gravitational redshift, all that). I like being active as well – dancing, weight-training, doing gymnastics etc. I am also learning German and it certainly takes up a lot of time!

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

I don’t know how to cook. At all. All I can do is instant noodles, salad and rice (with the assistance of the rice cooker operational manual).


Sharon and kids in Feeding Dreams (Cambodia)  during her voluntary work. Feeding Dreams ( is a charity that educates kids in poverty and equips them with vocational skills so that they can secure gainful employment.

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