5 stay home activities during social distancing

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, many corporations and organisations follow the social distance policy by allowing their employees to work remotely. With bars, gyms, sports centers, and other social gathering areas closed, an abundant amount of time is now being spent at home by all of us, so it is probably the right moment for you to refresh and recharge by adopting new habits. There are 5 activities we think you can do it at home!

1. Read a book

Normally with a busy schedule, you may find it difficult to spend time with a book that you’d like to read. With the social restrictions in place, you may now have time to pick up a book that you‘ve been meaning to read and start your reading journey.

2. Enroll on an online course

It is always beneficial to learn something new when you have a stable life schedule. You may start enrolling on some online courses purely for pleasure or which may help in furthering your knowledge or skillsets for career advancement.

3. Cook

Evening dine-in service is now banned in restaurants. In lieu of ordering delivery or takeout, you can try cooking at home. We heard that people are becoming cooking experts in the past few months as they have to spend most evenings at home. It is also a good opportunity for you to check out new cuisine recipes for variety.

4. Exercise

Though all gym and yoga centres are currently shut down, it is not an excuse to not do any exercise. If you have a yoga mat at home, you can do it anytime as you want or your schedule permits. There are loads of free or subscription-only fitness and yoga videos online, find one that you like and start moving your body.

5. Develop a new hobby

No matter what you do at home, whether it’s reading a book, cooking, exercising or enrolling on an online class, it is never late for you to develop another new hobby. A few of our friends picked up a new hobby in painting since the pandemic first impacted the workforce. Art generally is a great way to relax while engaging the mind.

Whatever you do, please remember to maintain your personal hygiene, and continuously keep observing social distancing. With everyone’s collective efforts, we will hopefully emerge from this situation soon.

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