Lawyers’ career planning during the pandemic

We are living in unprecedented times in many ways and legal career decisions have become even more pivotal. No matter if you are an experienced law practitioner planning a career transition, a new graduate navigating opportunities for the first time, or a law student seeking an internship, we would provide the following tips:

Think thoroughly

Covid-19 has taken away many treasurable things, but it has also given us something in return, time. If anyone is contemplating changing jobs, they should think thoroughly about their career goals and objectives. What type of job would you ideally want to be doing? Are you looking for a change of direction?

Keep your options open

Don’t just look at the past and your skills and apply this to the future. Broaden your horizons and explore job opportunities that you may not have previously considered, perhaps options in areas of the legal profession that are growing during the pandemic.

Learn about the changing legal market

Due to the pandemic, the legal industry is changing rapidly globally. Spend time reading the news or talking to legal professionals/agencies to be stay informed about the market; what practice areas will boom? For example, areas like employment law, safe working environments, dispute resolution, insolvency/bankruptcy and others have grown in response to this crisis.

Connect as usual

The pandemic has bred uncertainty, so connecting with your professional network even remotely is vital during this challenging time. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your peers or agencies. You can share experiences or brainstorm on new opportunities. You may be able to find hidden jobs by having conversations with people in the industry which reveal job vacancies that are not widely advertised or opportunistic hiring practices.

Time to learn

Throughout the pandemic, we have come to depend more heavily on technology, which is where legal professionals with legaltech experience and skills will excel. Junior lawyers can get ahead by mastering relevant skills. So, what do you need to do to become a tech-savvy lawyer? Look for how-to videos online, register for online courses, and read legal tech blogs to stay on top of trends and developments.

Don’t be discouraged

The devastation due to the pandemic has had a ripple effect on the whole world and brought many initiatives to a halt. Instead of doing nothing, make sure you maximise your time and be focused on what you can do, such as updating your resume, honing cover letters, developing personal connections, and online profiles to communicate your status. Remember that chances are more likely to be taken by those who are well prepared.

Take care

We are in surviving from a global crisis, so be good to yourself physically and mentally. Take time to rest, eat well, and exercise to make sure you are fit for the post-pandemic workplace. Be positive always and learn how to be more adaptable to different difficult situations in the future.

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