Tips on how to finish 2022 strongly

2023 is coming soon! Here are our suggested ways for lawyers to have a strong year-end finish.

Make the most of the holiday season

When many practices are slowing down, and partners and clients are traveling during the holidays, the last few weeks of 2022 are a useful time for lawyers to prepare and try new business development efforts, like updating resumes, polishing LinkedIn profiles, and reaching out to contacts you haven’t connected with in a while. Also, send holiday greetings to your current contacts and your teammates.


List your highlights

To enhance your resume and professional profile, review your year by writing down the most significant successes for you and your firm. You may not be able to come up much off the top of your heads so take a moment to consider and write down the high points and achievements of the past 12 months. Self-evaluation is a good exercise that will remind you of all the good things you have done. If you aren’t happy with your list, maybe you should spend time deciding whether it is the right time to move. 

Look out for opportunities

After the great resignation, firms and corporations competed strongly for talent in 2022. The trend will continue when China fully opens up to the world. The main talking point in the Asian legal markets has been whether Singapore has stolen a march on Hong Kong as a preferred venue for international firms making entrepreneurial moves in the Asia Pacific. In addition, there are increasing opportunities for corporate, M&A, or capital markets lawyers in Tokyo. So if you are looking towards making a move, study these markets for opportunities. 

Plan for next year

Self-evaluation is good and can guide you on how you can improve in 2023. Shortlist the actions you will take to build on those successes next year. Do the same for any setbacks. Write down the lessons you have learned.

Set achievable goals and personal improvement targets and devise plans for how to reach them. Then take some time off so you can spend your holidays relaxing and having fun with your family and friends.

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