5 tips for law graduates and young lawyers

Becoming a lawyer is tough; the pandemic has made the journey more difficult. Pat yourself on the back if you have completed the law degree or landed your first legal job during this unprecedented period, in the middle of lockdowns and worldwide recessions.

When starting a legal practice career, whether working in private practice or in-house, young lawyers should be aware of a few things. We gather tips to help you prepare to survive and thrive in this ever-changing world.


  • Technology proficiency is fundamental

The pandemic brought technology to the forefront of almost every part of our lives. Corporations, including law firms, had to operate remotely on a daily basis. Video conferencing/interviewing, networking, and cyber security skills are now essential.

In addition, the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022 created global excitement for a viral text-generating system. Despite a marked decline in excitement about AI, it is the trend for the future. Lawyers, especially the young, who are adequately trained in technology, should continue to follow the development of new technologies.

  • Wellness

Before the pandemic, lawyers regarded a work-life balance concern as a luxury and worked from early morning to whenever the work got done. After the lockdowns, layoffs, or even the death of loved ones, you should remember to take a break and spend time with your family or friends to achieve physical and mental wellness. But, most importantly, don’t measure yourself against others! Everyone has their path and schedule; concentrate on the present and prepare for the future.

  • Don’t be jumpy

We come across many candidates who change jobs within a year if things don’t initially work out. Making those kinds of short-term moves will make their careers much trickier. To avoid this, we highly recommend law graduates do due diligence on every role, company, and personnel. Give at least 2 to 3 years’ time to prove their worth to the employer. It will benefit them because when they decide to make a move, there will be a good reference from the employer.

  • Build a network

The sooner you build a professional network, the sooner you will thrive in your legal career. Only a few lawyers can build a practice or succeed at a company based on their law school contacts. It is necessary to start now by attending legal seminars, client parties, and online professional networks to get potential clients and even opportunities. Having relationships with various people will help you create a well-rounded professional portfolio and then serve as a field of opportunities down the line.

  • Get a mentor

Legal work involves research and practice; of course, you can study precedents and relevant information now online on your own, but having a mentor will help you throughout your legal career. You can watch how a mentor practices and ask them any queries about the law; a mentor can be anyone, such as a more senior lawyer, the head of the legal team, or a partner/general counsel. So act now to build connections with those around you.


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