Group Hires Take The Summer Headlines

“As one door closes, another one opens,” may not be the most fitting idiom for this situation but as Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe closed the door on Hong Kong, a door opened for K&L Gates to snag a high-calibre private equity team. Scott Peterman, Sook Young Yeu and William Ho came on board the US-headquarteredContinue reading “Group Hires Take The Summer Headlines”

The other two “S’s”: Such and the Said

Earlier we had a look at the use and misuse of shall. Today we turn to the other two of the “three S’s”: such and the said (with its close cousins, the aforesaid and the aforementioned). Such “Such” is often used in legal writing in the place of determiners such as “the”, “this” or “these”.Continue reading “The other two “S’s”: Such and the Said”

Is it time for law firms to support working from home as a general policy?

It is likely that the Covid-19 pandemic will change how we work forever. Technology giants such as Twitter and Facebook have been taking the lead on a permanent shift towards working from home. Siemens, the German conglomerate, has announced a policy of letting its employees work from where they are most productive, whether that beContinue reading “Is it time for law firms to support working from home as a general policy?”

Protect yourself and others from the associated effects of COVID-19

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, there has been a lot of uncertainty. Law firms and companies found employees’ wellness all of a sudden became of paramount importance, not just in terms of their employees’ physical wellbeing but additionally in terms of their productivity and legal compliance. It is vital to consider both physical and mental healthContinue reading “Protect yourself and others from the associated effects of COVID-19”

Social Media & Personal Branding for Lawyers

A strong personal brand can help you win trust and build relationships with clients. Eric Sim, former UBS Investment Bank Managing Director and one of social media’s most-followed keynote speakers and career coaches, helps executives build their online presence and brand. We are delighted to have Eric join us to share his tips on howContinue reading “Social Media & Personal Branding for Lawyers”

Evolve from Visible to Recognizable

Decades ago, when corporations or individuals demanded legal services, word-of-mouth was probably the most common marketing approach for law firms and lawyers to build their brand and attract new business.  Then came the legal directories and associated press which heralded a new era in law firm advertising, but the advent of the internet and itContinue reading “Evolve from Visible to Recognizable”

Thinking of making a move to an offshore firm?

There are more offshore law firms in service than ever before to meet these increasing needs in Hong Kong. In parallel, we have observed a growing number of lawyers expressing interest in moving into the offshore environment. Considering the rapid growth of the offshore firms’ presence in the Hong Kong market, we  are happy toContinue reading “Thinking of making a move to an offshore firm?”

Consultant Spotlight: Sharon Siu

Sharon is a Senior Consultant based in Hughes-Castell’s Hong Kong headquarters. Prior to joining Hughes-Castell, she led the In-house corporate and private practice recruitment at a global recruitment firm. Before joining legal recruitment in 2017, Sharon practised as a Barrister in Hong Kong. In this feature, Sharon shares her thoughts on the recruitment industry andContinue reading “Consultant Spotlight: Sharon Siu”

No Piling On

In American football, piling on occurs when players continue to jump on a player who is already down. In writing, piling on nouns is not a sanctioned offense, but it can definitely impede comprehension. A sentence from Dr. Seuss’s Fox in Socks illustrates the phenomenon: “When beetles fight these battles in a bottle with theirContinue reading “No Piling On”

“Perfect Storm” perpetuates in Hong Kong

As if Hong Kong’s market hadn’t withstood enough of a battering over the last 12 months, more questions were asked of its long-term viability with the introduction of the new National Security Law officially passed on 30 June 2020. While this has surely contributed to a significant reduction in public demonstrations of civil unrest thatContinue reading ““Perfect Storm” perpetuates in Hong Kong”

Hiring Trends in Infographics (Q2, 2020)

The pandemic slowed lateral hiring in Asia Pacific earlier this year as law firms continue to act with caution. The lateral market has been picking up since April with Chinese firms actively making inroads into the Asian legal market. Our quarterly review provides an overview of the key appointments in Asia Pacific: Appointments We seeContinue reading “Hiring Trends in Infographics (Q2, 2020)”

Legal Couplets and Triplets

We lawyers love to write in twos and threes. The judge orders and directs, the testator declares “I give, bequeath and devise … ”, the buyer demands that the property be free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. When asked why they write this way, lawyers may answer “to be more accurate or precise”.Continue reading “Legal Couplets and Triplets”

Legal Move Updates (July – September 2020)

Editor’s note: This is an ongoing list. September 2020 30 September – Mills Oakley (Perth, Australia) Mills Oakley has again looked to Norton Rose Fulbright for a partner hire, a workplace relations-focused lawyer with three decades’ experience in Perth. (from 28 September – Dechert (Beijing, China) Dechert has appointed partner Yang Wang to headContinue reading “Legal Move Updates (July – September 2020)”

Working in Law: private practice or in-house?

For lawyers who have worked in private practice for several years, it is not uncommon for them to consider making a career change to an in-house position. Although working in private practice can be a rewarding experience for many lawyers (to gain deep knowledge and practical experience in a specific area of law and let’sContinue reading “Working in Law: private practice or in-house?”

Hughes-Castell: ARA 2020 Hong Kong for Best International Recruitment Agency

We are excited to announce that Hughes-Castell has won Best International Recruitment Agency in the Asia Recruitment Awards 2020! We are honored to also receive awards in the following categories: the Best Candidate Experience-Agencies (Silver), the Best Client Services (Silver), the Best Professional Services Recruitment Agency (Silver), the Best Executive Search Agency (Bronze). These prestigiousContinue reading “Hughes-Castell: ARA 2020 Hong Kong for Best International Recruitment Agency”

Interview with Charles Chau, Graduate Recruitment Partner, Jones Day

We are delighted to have Charles Chau, a corporate Partner at Jones Day’s Hong Kong office, join us to share his insights on how to build a successful legal career. As the Graduate Recruitment Partner, Charles also shares his advice on what he looks for when recruiting and the importance of giving back through volunteerContinue reading “Interview with Charles Chau, Graduate Recruitment Partner, Jones Day”

A modest recommendation/suggestion

How often have you heard people say something like “I recommend you to see a lawyer”? This structure is very common in Asia but is never used by native speakers (unless they’ve soaked up too much of the local patois). Unfortunately no rule applies to this situation. The correct form is simply a matter ofContinue reading “A modest recommendation/suggestion”

Acing the Law Firm Interview – A practical guide for interns, trainees and junior candidates

To successfully secure a job offer at a law firm, you must know how to prepare for the interview. The interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your suitability for the role by showing the interviewer your ability to analyze complex legal information, communicate with colleagues and clients, and to work under tight deadlinesContinue reading “Acing the Law Firm Interview – A practical guide for interns, trainees and junior candidates”

5 tips to thrive in BigLaw

Throughout these years, a number of law graduates and junior lawyers have commented that international law firms, especially those renowned as the Magic Circle or White-Shoe firms, are so aggressive that even if you get a chance to work there, only the cream-of-the-crop will thrive and progress up the ranks. We believe that every drivenContinue reading “5 tips to thrive in BigLaw”